About me

I am a graduate of the University of Zielona Góra Master of Science degree of speciality Software Engineering.

My engineering work was to create a web application to manage the process of research in the Faculty. Application was written in PHP using the CakePHP framework it works with a MySQL database. Main task was to create relationships between tables, database normalization, creation of application security.

The subject of the MSc was to test various modifications level-set algorithm for Cytological Images of the Fine Needle Biopsy of Breast Cancer. Main task was to create tool in Matlab to test basic version of level-set algorithm. Algorithm has been tested in terms of the impact of external factors on the image, improving the initial image by using various graphics filters, comparing the results with other methods of image segmentation for specific medical images.

I have a year of experience as IT specialist working in the City Hall. Here I was responsible for repairing hardware, reporting problems with rented MFC printers, removing the problems with software on PC, implementation of new software using SQL on Windows Server 2008 R2, creating backup of the data using using Windows shell or Symantec Backup exec. Also I was responsible for working with NGOs helping them on basis of content.

Also to partner with the Catholic Youth Association, was responsible updating the website and participated in the creation of all kinds of activities for young people. We created events like movie night, canoeing, camp-fire or barbecue with games.

In my free time I am learning about effective programming using PHP or C# because I don’t have experience  programming  in team. I have a good auditory memory, so it is very useful when editing video/audio. I have almost 2 years experience in making subtitles and effects. If You want view effect of my work just send me a message and I will made available specially. This videos have good quality and need some space.